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Tracked Cable / Low Head Room Rig

GSS has added a new tracked Cable Percussive (Shell & Auger) Drilling Rig to complement our existing services.

  • Idea for working where traditional rigs cannot go.
  • Gardens, Warehouses , Wind farms, Boggy ground , inside buildings (restricted height) sites etc.

The rig has been designed with safety in mind.

  • Safer to set up then a traditional rig (which reduces the possibility of injury)
  • No 4x4 vehicle required to manoeuvre the rig which means we can access restricted areas.
  • The tooling is always under control of the operator with forward & reverse positioning controls with variable speed.
  • A split drum allows extra pulling power for extracting casing

Operating Features

  • Tracks are driven and steered by remote control allowing the operator to have the best line of sight to manoeuvre the rig
  • Easy & quick set up on each position for sites that have multiple holes to drill.
  • Easy & speedy transportation between holes when mast is lowered.
  • Adjustable single hydraulic mast minimum clearance is only 4 metres (for restricted height access) and can extend to full 6 metres working height.
  • Hydraulic jacks front and back allow the rig to be easily levelled and stabilized at each position.

Rig Dimensions

  • 1.27m width in transit
  • 3.60m Length in transit
  • 1.95m height in transit
  • Mast adjustable from 4m-6m
  • Weight 2400 kilos
Please contact us for further information or for our competitive rates.


GSS Tracked Cable Low Head Room Rig
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