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Soil Vapour Survey (SVS)

  • Soil Vapour Surveys are normally used to determine gas presence before drilling on various types of site including, Petroleum service stations, Chemical plants, and along Pipe lines etc.
  • SVS are normally undertaken by drilling holes into the ground to allow a gas monitor to take readings of any gas traces that are present. Small diameter holes usually (16mm-25 mm diameter) are drilled through soils and weak rock, including clays, silts, sands, gravels and chalk. This is primarily used for shallow site investigations to a maximum depth of 450 mm. In practice, the actual depth achieved is dependent on local ground conditions and underground services.

Method & Reinstatement

  • A Hilti or similar industrial drill is used to drill a hole powered from an 110v generator. This enables hard surfaces to be cored prior to sampling or testing the ground underneath.
  • When sampling on soil a spike bar can be used instead.
  • The hole is reinstated with a grout, cement or tarmac plug dependent on the finish that has been drilled.
  • On pipeline routes, highways etc. or over large areas the unit can be mobilized rapidly between different hole locations by using a van (fitted with flashing beacons & chevrons) to carry the generator and drill.


SVS drilling pipe line in dock area Gibraltar
SVS drilling pipe line in dock area Gibraltar

SVS drilling in Gibraltar town centre
SVS drilling in Gibraltar town centre

reinstatement of SVS hole using cement grout
Reinstatement of SVS hole using cement grout

YouTube Soil Vapour Survey Video
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